10 Amazing Beard Facts

Beard Brand Manchester has come across many Beard facts. Below is just some of the 10 Amazing Beard Facts we have decided to list from Beard inheritance, interview beards, complete beards


Where does Beard inheritance come from?


Myth: Beard inheritance (growth pattern, density, colour, etc.) comes from the mother’s side.


Fact: Beard inheritance comes from both the mother and father. The myth comes from the belief that the “baldness gene” comes from the mother/mum and therefore so do the beard genes. Experts have posted before showing this to be false as well as lots of anecdotal evidence. So your beard inheritance could have come from your mum or dad! If your dad has a beard why not treat him next fathers day to a Beard Gift Sets UK from The Mancunian Beard!


You should shave beard for an interview.


Myth: You should shave beard for an interview.


Fact: Most employers that are not anti-beard in general will not discriminate against a guy wearing a nice, groomed beard. “You could also apply some beard oil UK to look extra dapper!” In fact, many times it helps the employer remember the candidate, and it may also give the illusion of additional experience and confidence. In cases where the company has a no-beard policy, the interviewer will likely inform the candidate of this restriction, and this information should help the candidate decide if he wants to work for such a company.


Beard requires connectors between the mustache


Myth: A beard requires connectors between the moustache and goatee to look good/complete.


Fact: If you look around, you’ll see lots of guys with missing connectors, but chances are you never really thought “Great beard” if only the connectors were filled in. The truth is that when looking at other people we tend to see the beard as a whole and how it suits the man, not the missing parts. But when looking at ourselves, we focus on what is not perfect. It is a good idea, however, to even things out. If one connector is weak or missing, shave the other to match. Symmetry is much more important than complete fullness.  You could always use some beard oil to try and soften the beard and manipulate hair to increase hair around the connector area.


Shaving makes the beard grow back faster


Myth: Shaving makes the beard grow back faster/darker/thicker.


Fact: There is no evidence it does any of these things. It can make the stubble look like it is coming in thicker because of the blunt ends of the hairs when cut reflects light differently. Once your beard has grown back make sure you give it a treat by applying some Mancunian Beard Oils from one of the great beard products uk.


How long till my beard looks complete?


Myth: A beard should look complete in 2 to 3 weeks.


Fact: It takes 2 to 3 months for most guys to have a complete beard. So before month 3 comes along get yourself a Beard Gift Sets UK purchased, as 3 months “GROWS” around fast 🙂


People will not accept me with a beard


Myth: People will not accept me with a beard because most people don’t have beards.


Fact: You are you, and as long as you respect the integrity of others, what you do is your business. When one is centred in his core, his life will turn out as he wants it. Don’t let others put you down, most likely they are only jealous that they cant grow a  beard and enjoy applying some of the great beard oils that are available on the marker!


Best place to trim beard is at the barbers


Myth: A barber is the best place to get your beard trimmed.


Fact: More often than not, a barber will over-trim or re-style your beard especially if you are not very clear about what you want. It is generally better to get your own beard trimmer and trim it a little bit at a time until you reach the desired shape and length. Some barbers stock some great beard oils you can sample after your trim.


Does Minoxidil make beard permanently denser?


Myth: There are products, such as Minoxidil and others, that will make your beard permanently denser, give you full coverage, or kick-start a budding beard on a teenager.


Fact: Few products have demonstrated any improvement in beard growth. Minoxidil has demonstrated some success, but most report that the gains are lost when the usage stops.


Make sure you don’t spill the whole bottle of Minoxidil on your beard or you could turn into a grizzly bear overnight and even the best beard oil on the market will not dam that beast of a beard lol!


Beard makes me look homeless


Myth: My wife thinks my beard makes me look like I’m a homeless man.


Fact: Often times it is the CHANGE that she objects to and she will use hyperbole to shock you into changing back by shaving. It takes time to adjust, sometimes up to a year, and in most cases, she will come around. But if you let her use these sort of tactics or withholding affection to get what she wants, you are only encouraging this type of behaviour. A better approach is to discuss WHY you are growing your beard and how it feels to you, and ask for patience, understanding, and tolerance while you journey down the bearded path. Hopefully, you will not look as homeless when you slap on some great smelling Beard Oil onto your beard!